The Foundation takes a special interest in
pediatric patients and their families.




The Foundation's mission-related grants are made for the purpose of improving the quality of life for patients and their families living with serious illnesses.  

Currently, the Foundation focuses its mission-related funding on programs that:

  • Address the practitioner workforce shortage through education and training of interdisciplinary care teams, with a special interest in nurses, social workers, and chaplains. 
  • Expand collaborative, supportive care for patients and families beyond the traditional hospital setting, and ensure that all who might benefit from such care have access to it.
  •  Advocate for improvements in government policies and insurance coverage relating to such care.
  •  Introduce concepts about such care to the general public, including helping to change communication about and preparation for end-of-life.
  • Meet the needs of caregivers and family members.

The Foundation takes a special interest in pediatric patients and their families, with nearly 30% of its mission-related funding directed towards this population. Although the Foundation hopes that its grants will ultimately help improve the care of seriously ill patients across the United States, it is primarily interested in funding organizations in the New York City metropolitan area.

Please note that applications for grants from The Y.C. Ho/Helen and Michael Chiang Foundation are by invitation only and are completed online. Unsolicited inquiries/proposals are not able to be considered at this time.